Remembering the Neverhood Chronicles 29 Mar, 2012 Remembering the Neverhood Chronicles

Since this morning, the memory of a computer game that I played as a kid kept surfacing in my head. Weirdly, the name kept eluding me; until a Google search for 'computer clay game' turned up the one and only 'Neverhood Chronicles' :)

Here is an image sourced from Wikipedia:

The Neverhood

The opening line is unassumingly simple:

"Hello. Me Willie. Me Willie Trombone. You read this, you do good. Willie happy.
You play Neverhood you do more good. And look out for bad.
Willie knows, bad is always where you forget to look

Well, getting it running was painstakingly hard, even given its extremely modest system requirements:

  • Pentium 75 mhz
  • 8 Mg RAM (16 recommended)
  • 1 Mg VRAM
  • SVGA monitor
  • Quad speed CD ROM
  • 8-bit sound card & speakers (16-bit recommended)
  • 10 Mg available hard disk space for Installation
  • Microsoft Windows 95.

Luckily, I tend to preserve my old original CDs/DVDs. And, with a little help from the free Windows VirtualPC, its pure gεεk joy!

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