Vonage Usage: Python Script 09 Aug, 2011 Vonage Usage: Python Script

This eases checking international minutes used with a Vonage World plan http://saicharan.in/work/vonage.py. Just put in your vonage username/password in the script. You would also want to

$ sudo pip install libxml2dom

Further, to avoid manual check, here is a crontab entry to automatically check usage at 6 AM everyday. It then emails you if you have overshot the usage (defaults to 3000 mins/month). My mail.sh is available on: Github.

0 6 * * * vonage.py 1>/tmp/vonage-mail; ret=$?; if [ $ret -ne 0 ]; then mail.sh "Vonage Usage: $ret" /tmp/vonage-mail; fi

The script:

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