Static Website on Google App Engine  

I’ve been experimenting with hosting static websites on Google App Engine(GAE) for a while now. One major deterrent to an otherwise straight forward procedure was the fact that GAE did not automatically serve index.html when encountering static folders. Now that I found this workaround on Stack Overflow, the static website is ready for GAE!

But there was another hurdle waiting.

GAE’s instructions on using custom domain names for GAE hosted apps did not work. Specifically, Step 5 (Add New URL), failed with the following error: We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later. (Error #1000) After a bit of searching and experimenting, only this apparently silly technique actually worked. Along with naked domain redirection, this is now a static site, fully hosted on Google App Engine. Even though this runs off GAE, there are zero machine instances running. This can be verified in the app.yaml not relying on any executable script.

Update: GAE does not currently support custom 404 handlers. So, until then, back to Amazon S3 hosting.