DNS migrated to Amazon's Route53  

As of 3PM PST on 07/10/2012, the DNS provide for my domain saicharan.in is Amazon’s Route53 service. Here is the migration log.

  • $ sudo pip install cli53 (see installation notes).
  • Choose to ‘see the zone file’ on Gandi.net’s DNS zones page and copy the zone file contents.
  • Create a file name saicharan.in containing the copy of the zone file from previous step.
  • As explained here unlike BIND, cli53 does not infer $ORIGIN from the zone file name. For import to be successful, add the following line to the top of the file from the previous step. $ORIGIN saicharan.in
  • $ touch ~/.boto
  • Add the following to ~/.boto: [Credentials] aws_access_key_id = [your AWS ID] aws_secret_access_key = [your AWS key]
  • $ cli53 create saicharan.in
  • $ cli53 import example.com --file saicharan.in --replace --wait
  • Change saicharan.in’s DNS servers on Gandi.net’s control panel. The new name servers can be got by running: $ cli53 info saicharan.in