Reading on the Internet  

I tend to have this belief that one spends a fair amount of your time reading on the internet. If that is true now or in foreseeable future, you may want to read on.

There has been a fair amount of work on making the world a more readable place. Of these, three tools are on my radar:, and Safari’s Reader mode. specializes in making your reading experience a good one: it removes clutter, ads and all that and shows you just text. And renders it beautifully at that. They have a paid app and also a free bookmarklet that lets you do this. is basically a reading list (read later option) that you can access from any browser with a native iPad/iPhone/iPod paid app. However, my interest in this is mostly the bookmarlket that cleans up the text.

On the heels of Instapaper and Readability, Apple released a browser in-built ‘Reader’ mode. Simply click on the reader button in the far end of the address bar for web-pages that are ‘readable’ and you are presented with a fantastic clean view of the content. So far, my favorite has been’s bookmarklet, but now I find myself doing all my reading in Safari browser (available even for PC). See this for what I mean:

Very easy on the eyes and zero distraction. Highly Recommended.