Static Blog Using Jekyll 24 Aug, 2011 Static Blog Using Jekyll

This is what it took me to migrate from WordPress to Jekyll:

  • Import blog using the wordpressdotcom importer.
  • Use Disqus WP plugin to export comments into Disqus.
  • Generate static pages (include Disqus code in Jekyll template).
  • Add search functionality.
  • Add personal pages (about/search/rss).

Done! (A preview is available here.)


  • Adding tags was a lot more effort. A little help from this gist saved the day.
  • Adding pages for year, month and day was a ton more effort. I modified archive.rb from josegonzalez and also customized his _layout/archive_*.html
  • Added an error handler with some JS to show my own custom error page.

You can find the sources here:


I also modified metajack’s jekyll.el to add a date: header (with date & time) on publish: The gist:

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