Wrong Characters being Displayed  

Had this problem with my keyboard layout getting changed just too often. The problem was as follows: Off and on, my keyboard was behaving erratically. It would mis-behave and then come back to normal. I suspected a change of keyboard layout - I had this problem earlier on my Linux Box and RI pointed out that my keyboard layout was UK English!

So, I too started off searching google for this, and things were mostly pointing to IME/Languages. When I opened the Regional Language Options in the Control Panel, the language bar popped up. I noticed that the language was set to Finnsh. Once I changed that to English, another icon appeared next to it - the Keyboard icon. It was in Finnish. So I changed it to English and all was well. But then I was wondering how these settings were changing so often. SO I went to the Regional Language Options in the Control Panel. Went to the languages tab and clicked on the Details button. From there, I selected the Finnish Language and Keyboard settings. At the bottom there is a Key Settings button. That was the major culprit. Click that button and you will see that Alt+Shift is assigned to “Switch between input Languages” option. I simply removed that key-binding to avoid un-intended switching between languages.

Also, I use the alt+shift combo often in my work - so that was the probem! Now we know! So change your keyboard settings and get back to efficient mode.

One last advice. If you ever face such a problem, make the language bar visible: Control Panel > Regional Language Options > Details > Language Bar Button > Show Language Bar. Once you see the language bar, you can know at once if your keyboard layout is the problem.