Routing and Remote Access Service Fails! 27 Jan, 2007 Routing and Remote Access Service Fails!

This afternoon, we were suddenly unable to browse the internet. Suspicious about the proxy server being down, I checkout from our main browsing computers. I was able to ping the students proxy. A little more digging up led me to figure out that there was something wrong with our lab router that handles the internet traffic to the student’s proxy; the main browsing systems bypass the router. I disabled the routing service and set it up again. Though the routing service itself did not throw up any error, the event log had logged the error message. I was unable to browse even from the router itself. Also, the IIS server on the router also failed. I restarted the system thinking it might help - but to no avail! Checking the event log revealed that the Routing and Remote Access service had thrown up an error - Unable to add the internal adapter to the routing service - incorrect parameter. Looking at the event log messages for a few hours earlier, I hit upon a message saying that a duplicate name had been detected on the network. I then realized that this was quite likely since our server had a name Dell1, which was quite possible to be duplicated over the network since there were a plethora of Dell machines springing up here. So I renamed our machine and restarted - Bingo! it was running like a good ol’ boy! Lesson to be learnt: Event log is Holy Grail!.

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