Excellent, free iCal Calendars  

This is a log of my adventures with iCal Calendar clients and format. I tried Outlook Calendar & Google Calendar. Both were good. But, when I tried Google Calendar, it was in the offing and so I could not get much out of it. It was good but was accessible only when on the net.

So, I hit upon Rainlander. It was good, it integrated with Outlook and also understood the iCal format. But, I wanted to fill out just one calendar and use it on any client - both application and web-based. So, I filled out the Google Calendar (whew, that took really long!). Then, I realized that I could not actually use it anywhere else at that stage of development of Google Calendar.

So, I again filled out the Outlook calendar (because I had read this time that I can use the outlook2ical utility, which is free!!!). Bingo, I used the outlook2ical utility and could export my Outlook calendar to the iCal format which is widely supported.

Next, I experimented with phpicalendar using the .ics file that I exported with outlook2ical utility. It is cool and easy to use (as long as I had XAMPP with me, I had nothing to worry!)